CrackBoom! Books is a new imprint from Chouette Publishing, a small independent company founded in 1987, and creator of the internationally beloved Caillou.


Geared toward children from 0 to 9 years of age, CrackBoom! Books takes a fresh and playful approach to storytelling and features unique formats that spark the curiosity and imagination of its young readers. This new imprint is devoted to bringing innovative reading experiences to preschoolers.

"We're very happy to be using our expertise in children's book publishing to extend our range. We want to develop and produce quality books that will reach even more children," said Simon Payette, General Manager at Chouette Publishing.


"It's exciting to be building a new imprint form the ground up. We want to keep growing and reaching new heights."


Learning how to deal with everyday life experiences throughout childhood is what the Caillou books are all about.



The CITY MONSTERS series takes you  on a sightseeing adventure. Find the hidden little monsters as you discover big-city landmarks!